The days of shortcuts like buying followers or using bots are over. These tricks might boost your follower count for a short time, but they won’t do you any favors long-term on Instagram–so what should we use instead? The best way to get more engagement is by being creative with our posts and building up an engaged community that will stick around!

Having a thoughtful social media marketing strategy is key.

If you want more Instagram followers, the first step is creating a clear plan that outlines your goals and strategies. Achieving this will not be easy without putting some work into it! Take time out of every week or month for thinking about what specific actions could help grow both personal engagements with potential customers as well build brand awareness through social media marketing tactics like advertising on websites such as Facebook ads (and don’t forget Twitter!

Defining your target audience is important to stay revelant with your followers.

Ask yourself some questions about who you are trying to reach:

  • How old are they?
  • Where do they live?
  • What do they do for work?
  • When and how do they use Instagram?
  • What are their pain points and challenges?

Create a consistent brand story and aesthetic

Whether you want to satisfy curiosity or humanize your brand, there are many different tactics that can be used. For example, sharing an employee’s perspective and showcasing the lifestyle achievements of customers could help position a company in an aspirational way which is something we’ve seen more companies do recently with success.

It’s important that you create a cohesive and recognizable look for your Instagram feed. Create one grid by using the same filter or editing technique across all posts, then use Stories as an outlet to share content from other platforms without disrupting this “one coherent unit.”